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Програма на #svrock2017

Hello #svrock2017 fans, let’s take a look at festival schedule: 18.08.2017г. / 19:00 ч. Border Land Brums n’ Noises Scars of Tears 19.08.2017г. / 19:00ч. Wild Horses Rammlied Sains ‘n’…

#svrock2017 knocks quietly on your door….

Hello fans of variety (rock, beer, rock, beer :)).Are you ready? Svilengrad Rock 2017 (or in short #svrock2017) comes. Yeah, there will be a fest. The name is known, the…

#svrock2016 Day 2 in 21 pictures

  Day 2 – Svilengrad Rock Fest #svrock2016  

2017 Fest Dates

    There are no dates yet.